Foreign Body. Titanik, Turku FI.  1st March, 2018 – 25th March, 2018

Foreign Body is a duo exhibition together with artist Felicia Fasanino Jansson.
Videos in the exhibition: Listener (2018), Start Waves (2018).

A foreign body is a thing that has entered the human body either through natural orifices, or by force – like a swallowed tooth brush, or a bullet.
There are all those non-physical phenomena that our bodies may host: spirits, angels, or a neurosis of some kind. You know, when a person is invaded by an evil spirit in horror movies? The victims are often described as something that is no longer perceived as human.
Like in The Exorcist, the 12-year-old Regan is invaded by the spirit of Pazuzu, and her mother Chris calls Regan a ‘thing’. In another blockbuster movie, Alien, John is impregnated with an alien that bursts out of John’s belly leaving him to die. The alien baby was really only using its host as a vessel and didn’t mean for their relationship to continue further.
The foreign bodies could eventually be things that originate from the human body itself; like a starfish detaching its arm, just to regenerate.
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